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                                    Did You Know?


Austin’s family has an operational Cattle Ranch in the Texas Hill Country that has been in the family since the 1920’s.  Their property abuts the ranch that belonged to former President Lyndon B. Johnson.


Austin is a proficient carpenter.


One of Austin’s biggest weaknesses is cheap Chinese takeout. And anything cherry flavored. 


Austin’s biggest musical influences are Elvis, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton,George Strait, and Andrew Lloyd Weber. 


Many of Austin’s favorite musicals are ones in which he will never be cast such as “The Color Purple” and “The Wiz”.


Austin wears a grey t-shirt and trousers almost every day, and rarely removes his silver ID bracelet.


Austin took the American MENSA exam in 2002 and was accepted.


Austin has a long list of people he would like to sing with on stage, but the list is 

topped with some unexpected choices such as Sandi Patti, Crystal Gayle, Shania

Twain, John Conlee, Tanya Tucker and Gary Morris.


Austin is obsessed with cars and wants to someday have a 5 car garage full

of classics, including an early 1980’s Mercedes 500SL convertible like Bobby Ewing


drove on “Dallas”.

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